Sacramento Jesus Cares Outreach


Let's reach even more!

Join us in introducing Millennials in the Sacramento area to the One who can heal their hearts, offer them peace, connect them to their Creator, and give them eternal life!
Our goal is to see over 2,800 Millennials in Sacramento place their trust in Jesus. In order to do that, we need to raise $58,500. These funds will be used to interrupt this digital generation and share the hope that is found in Christ.

By joining as a Jesus Cares Hero, you can introduce Jesus to many who desperately need Him. Get started right now by setting a fundraising goal, launching your own page, and sharing with those in your network.
Groundwire has discovered a predictable way of utilizing digital media. By placing well-produced and relevant commercials on the most-utilized social media channels, we are able to share authentic hope with many who might not be ready to walk into a church. These messages speak of hope, love, forgiveness...Jesus! They also invite the Millennial experiencing the message to where they can better understand God’s offer of grace, forgiveness, and salvation. There are live coaches available 24 hours a day to listen, encourage, and point to a Biblical perspective.
During our testing, we saw one person in Sacramento come to faith for every $37 we invested. Even more were exposed to the message that Jesus Cares for them as they used social media in their everyday life.
On August 26th, Tabitha saw a Jesus Cares commercial and chatted with a Groundwire coach (Kenneth), asking “Will I ever be free?”
She was trying to overcome a difficult upbringing littered with abuse and bullying, but she admitted that she had made mistakes along the way as well.
As Kenneth began to share the Gospel of God’s grace, Tabitha was eating it up. When he told her God loved her despite her sins and explained that He was reaching out to her while she was still broken, she responded, “Yes….I used to think I was undeserving because of the person I’ve turned into but I see clearly now that that was a lie.”
She got it….she understood that she was not worthy, but that God still loved and accepted her and He was offering her a personal relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus. When Kenneth asked if she was ready to receive His gift, she responded, “I have never been more ready for anything in my life.”
Shortly after she told Kenneth, “I wish you could see and hear my laughter as the tears run down my eyes! I have never been so happy in my life. I feel lighter too if that makes sense…. I was carrying so many things with me. Now I feel I can do anything!”
Praise God for another life impacted and eternally transformed by the Amazing Grace of our Great God.

Together we can see thousands more, just like Tabitha, in the Sacramento area come to Christ.

Make a Difference

$37 - 1 Millennial will come to Christ
$370 - 10 Millennials will come to Christ
$3,700 - 100 Millennials will come to Christ